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Emily Colipí

2019 - Sculpture

  1.  Tierra de Oro

2018 — Performance
  1. Desayuno
  2. El Camino de el  Serpiente
  3. An Unbuilding

2018— Sculpture
  1. Mallorca, Menorca,  Costa del Sol 
  2. Uncertain Salty Sanity
  3. Which way 
  4. Fill Me In
  5. You, as a Vessel 

 — Sculpture
  1. This, Here
  2. I Wouldn´t Call it a  Sculpture


Emily Colipí is a British Chilean multi-disciplinary artist working across the fields of sculpture and performance. Recent works are an exploration of Place, Heritage and Anthropology, influenced while living with the Likan-Antai, an indigenous community in Northern Chile. Performative works begin to comment on the displacement of people and question the implication of forced movement. Materiality is consistently present within the works, interested in how material composition can impose or challenge form. Found materials are often included in sculptures, triggering memory, whilst questioning anthropologically, the value we place on somewhat futile objects. Clay has a major prominence within the works, acting as a connection to past and future civilizations. We are part of the continuum –

Pushing, kneading, folding, prodding, dropping, throwingall actions justifying existence.


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︎ +56933093948
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Born 1992, UK
Based in London
Currently working in the Atacama desert, Chile

Works held in private collections internationally 


(2011/14) University of the Arts LCC, Bachelors Degree Graphic and Media Design
(2010/11) Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Foundation Diploma Art and Design

Selected Exhibitions 

(2017) Plant x Jewel, The Waiting Room, London
(2016) Wandsworth Open House, London
(2015) Afuera, La Ira De Dios, Buenos Aires
(2015) Occurens, Acme Studios, Deptford, London
(2015) Flury, Arcane Gallery, Hackney, London
(2014) Pick and Mix, LCC, Elephant and Castle, London
(2013) Go Hack Yourself, Flat Planet, Soho, London 

Residencies/Volunteer Work

(2018) La Wayaka, Atacama Desert, Chile
(2015) La Ira De Dios, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
(2015) La Bichurie, Normandy, France
(2013) Sambhali Trust, Rajasthan, India