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Emily Colipí

2018 — Performance
  1. Desayuno
  2. El Camino de el  Serpiente
  3. An Unbuilding

2018— Sculpture
  1. Mallorca, Menorca,  Costa del Sol 
  2. Uncertain Salty Sanity
  3. Which way 
  4. Fill Me In
  5. You, as a Vessel 

 — Sculpture
  1. This, Here
  2. I Wouldn´t Call it a  Sculpture


Emily Colipí is a multidisciplinary artist, with a focus on sculpture and performance. Her work combines elements of materiality, anthropology and continually develops from an interest in human relationships. The works are engaged with the perception of ‘things’; questioning human- object relationships and the language or meaning attached to such objects. Her works to date have evolved from conversations with family, friends or acquaintances and explore identity and heritage. Materiality is intrinsic to her practice, fascinated with the malleability and the almost infinite possibility of clay, the representation of the artist’s hand becomes pivotal; it is about the artist being present. 

Pushing, kneading, folding, prodding, dropping, throwingall actions justifying existence.


London / 2018 / WIP
Which way did you say was up? 

Plaster, Red Ochre Ground Pigment, Rock Salt, Table Salt, Steel Armature, Plywood, Lazy Susan, Motor